Thursday, May 6, 2010

White For Less Green

I'm not sure what compels me keep looking at dresses online, I love mine, I guess the hunt is too much fun.  An online excursion recently turned up this beauty:

I think for a real modern wedding, this dress would be a total knockout.  Plus, it's pretty impossible to beat $178.

As for stuff I might actually be able to wear, I've been after a white cotton eyelet dress for about two years with no luck.  They pretty much universally make me look country and chubby.  So the search continues.  One of these might work, though.

I was thinking something like this first one as a "getaway" dress or the second as a rehearsal dinner outfit, though that's likely going to just be people in the wedding party, not out of towners (at least 2/3 of our guest list is from out of town), so it might be a little dressy, but who knows.  I think it's pretty clear that I need to hit Nordy's in real life!

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