Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To-do list checking and celebrity sightings: Part II

When last we saw our heroine, she had schlepped all over Brooklyn and seen a PC.

The next day Ari was wonderful and didn't complain a bit about schlepping through the diamond district in a seemingly unending quest to find our (well, mostly mine, he was pretty easy) wedding bands.  They're pretty awesome.  Mine looks similar to this band.
 The couple who sold it to us was lovely and the guy sounded like Christopher Walken (like, exactly).

Once that ordeal was over we took a cab downtown and bought movie tickets.  While walking around 2nd Avenue looking for somewhere to eat I had celebrity sighting 2.5 of 2 days (Herman wasn't Christopher Walken but he sounded just like him).  I was making a beeline for Urban Outfitters and lo and behold, who's walking by wearing a weird longish jacket that looks like a tweed lab coat six sizes too big?  Jason Schwartzman, that's who.  I was on a freaking roll.  After my latest brush with fame we met up with my dad and literally inhaled a chicken and broccoli pizza.  (For the record, it was delicious and that's why I was scarfing.)

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