Thursday, May 27, 2010

Everyone's feeling the squeeze

Times are apparently so tough that even world famous fashion designers are going budget.  Vera Wang announced recently that she'll be offering a line through dress chain David's Bridal starting next spring and that dresses will range from $600-$1500.  Personally, I'm curious as to whether the quality will be the same (obviously the fabrics won't be identical, but will they still be good quality).  To my mind, to maintain the design aesthetic, the dresses would still have to be produced by the same skilled designers and seamstresses and... uh... whatever the masculine form of seamstress is.  Time will only tell, I suppose.

Now, if only Oscar de la Renta would get on the bandwagon and offer cheaper versions of his wedding dresses.  I'm totally smitten with this perfect little bell-shaped taffeta puff of awesome.

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