Friday, February 18, 2011

meet Cappie

This past year on my parent's anniversary, I gave myself a present. Ari and I met at lunch and headed down to the Capital Humane Society. I was prepared for excitement, heartbreak and to come back until we found the perfect dog for us. Well, I was mostly right. There were lots of dogs, many of which we had to cross off the list right off the bat because our apartment has a 15 pound cap on dogs. Big boys were out, which left us a handful of little guys. The poodle got adopted while we were there. The Min Pin barked louder than the German Shepherd. We ended up taking out two little guys, a Sheltie mix and a Boston Terrier mix. We saw the Sheltie first and I really liked him, despite being a total whiner. But then they brought us Cappie. Ari picked him out of the kennel because he didn't bark, he just wagged his tail, looked up at us and said, "Oh yeah, I'm the best, nicest, cutest dog here. You sooooo want to take me home." In the meeting room the first thing he did was lick us. We were pretty sold. I asked Ari if he was sure (I really wasn't expecting to bring home a dog!), he said go for it. So got for it I did! $90 and two pieces of paper later I had a goodie bag of treats, a ghetto donated leash and my new best buddy.
Cappie Halloween 2010, 4 months old
I had been pushing hard for a dog for a few months. I was going a bit stir crazy with the wedding gone, no job happening and the fun of unemployment long worn off. Cappie is my buddy, we hang out all day. Ari gets up first thing in the morning and when he and Cap come back from their walk, Cappie jumps back in bed with me for a mid-morning snooze. He gets me out of the house and keeps me on my toes. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the little furball.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

other people's weddings are an excuse for pretty clothes

Dear Stefie,

You are awesome. You are one of my blog's biggest cheerleaders and for you, I blog again! You're a maid of honor in a wedding, so of course I have spent time procrastinating searching for a kick ass bridesmaid dress for you to (not so subtly) suggest to your bride-to-bride. (Well, not your bride-to-be, but your friend who's getting married. You know what I mean!) Since you haven't yet given me specifics (not that you asked for help, but let's gloss over that.) I took a quick shot over to ModCloth. Here you go:

First up is my favorite, the Romantic Incarnation dress ($90).

Next is the Standout and Deliver dress ($60).

Apparently I'm in a pinky purple kinda mood. Anyhow, wedding aside, I'm pretty sure you just need this one for nights on the town.

Love you,