Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To-do list checking and celebrity sightings: Part I

Sorry for being MIA this last week, guess I wasn't feeling the blog.  Ari surprised me by coming home at lunch and spending the afternoon with me on my birthday.  It was really fun.  He bought me flowers and didn't complain when I wanted to go purse shopping at TJ Maxx (I love my new purse, been using it nonstop). 

Wednesday we skipped out on dance class (we're taking a salsa/cha cha class through the community college so we aren't hopeless come the wedding) and hopped a plane.  There was all sorts of weather out of in Chicago, so after our fourth rebooking on as many airlines we ended up in St. Paul for the night and on to Newark the next morning (at the ass-crack of dawn).  Dad was a champ and picked us up in Jersey.  Once we made it to Brooklyn, we had three rapid-fire meetings; first the rabbi (delightful), then the photographer (signed the contract), and then the baker (delicious!).  All in all, incredibly productive.  Oh, and sitting outside we saw John Hodgman of the Daily Show and the "I'm a Mac" commercials (he's the PC).  It was pretty exciting.

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