Monday, May 31, 2010

BCBG, and why it's awesome.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again, BCBG rules.  Seriously.  Their stuff is so rock 'n roll, it's ridiculous.  If I were planning a different kind of wedding, you can be sure my dress would have come from here.  Plus, right now they're running a 30% off sale through the end of June 1 (PDT).

This one is perfect for a sweet little city hall wedding.  $418, on sale for $292.60.

A sweet number for those of us who can't decide between satin and lace.  :o)  $498, marked down to $348.60, on sale for $244.02!

The next two are are so rock 'n roll it's obscene.  I can vouch, in particular, for the first.  I made my sister try it on when we were prom shopping for her just because I loved it so much and they didn't have it in my size.  Trust me, it's beyond awesome.  (Full disclosure, I might be biased by the hi-lo hem that I am moderately obsessed with.)

This lovely gown looks like a whole lot of trumpet bridal gowns out there, and for $598, it's a steal, but on sale it's only $418.60!

This one I'd buy for myself in a hot second if they had it in my size.  Never mind what I'd wear it to, rehearsal dinner maybe.  Who knows?  In any event, it rocks.

$384 marked down to $174 (not on sale because it's final cut outlet).

And not to bring the conversation back to shoes or anything, but, in the case I am so picky about what shoes to wear, I end up picking something boring that needs some pizzaz.  At 18 bucks ($12.60 with the sale), these shoe clips seem like a worthwhile investment to me!

That said, the only thing I'm really sure I will be buying today is this baby.  Razzle, dazzle, indeed.

Happy Memorial Day sales to you and yours!


  1. Love the shoe clips! Is the necklace for the wedding? or am I showing how gullible I truly am?<3

  2. I like the shoe clips too, cool idea, right? The necklace was for the wedding, not so sure why that would make you gullible, but they were sold out anyhow, so I'm back to the drawing board.