Friday, May 21, 2010

Shame on you, J. Crew.

Since getting engaged I have had the good fortune to make some incredible internet friends.  (Shout out to Adriana who's getting married in two days!)  One of my new, lovely friends, has had a really bad experience that I wanted to share with you.  Like many other brides looking for something simple, elegant and not outrageously priced, she found her wedding dress at J. Crew.  She paid in full when she ordered it (plus, a dress for her shower, two pairs of wedding shoes and her five bridesmaids bought there as well). When it came in, she went to pick it up, a sales person told her they store it for free and suggested she leave it.  My friend lives in a small apartment and agreed.  When a bridesmaid cleaned out a closet and had room for her dress she went to pick it up and was given the same advice.

About a month before her wedding she went to pick up her dress, and get this, they had lost it!  Her wedding dress!  That they told her to leave there!  In her words:

"They sent it back to the factory. They called it unclaimed property. They said they didn’t know they had to get in touch with me. They didn’t have my phone number. It wasn’t their fault. They offered me a $25 gift card for my troubles.

I threw an epic tantrum in the middle of the store. A bridesmaid came down and held my hand. The staff promised me the dress would be in the next day by noon.

I take the next day off work. [My fiance] takes the day off work. We sit in the J. Crew and wait. And wait. Noon passes: NO DRESS.

The dress finally arrives about 2:30 in the afternoon. I got a discount on the dress (not yet applied to my debit card yet); my bridesmaids got a discount on their dresses and I got a $50 gift card. The kicker? When the new dress arrived I would have to PURCHASE THIS NEW DRESS and they WOULD REFUND THE EARLIER DRESS. The first dress got sent back and they never even bothered to see if someone might be out SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS."

 That was last week.  This week, rather than refunding her (because they charged her again when the replacement came in), they charged her card AGAIN.  She ended up paying THREE TIMES for her dress and is currently in the process of reporting them to her bank, Consumerist and the BBB.

I've got to say, I had kinda been a J. Crew fan.  If their stuff if your style, it really works.  But this kind of customer service?  They're opening up their first dedicated bridal salon in Manhattan next week and I'm just worried for all the people who could fall victim to their lack of coordination and apparently terrible accounting and customer service.  It all makes me very glass I picked out and took home my dress all in one go.

Please exercise caution if you're considering or planning to order your wedding gown (or anything else, for that matter) from J. Crew.


  1. I was going to order my bridesmaids dresses from J. Crew. I thought they were cute and re-wearable even if they were a bit pricey. Well, my bridesmaids live in New Jersey, Vancouver, and Boston. And they only show samples in a few locations, so I went to check them out, since I live in Los Angeles where they have a few of the samples in store.

    I show up to the store and they won't let me see the dresses because another bride is having her appointment. I explained to them that all I wanted to do was to see the materials/cut and I wouldn't be trying them on b/c I don't have the same body as any of my bridesmaids. The lady still said no, but said she would send me swatches by mail. I told her which styles I wanted and my address.

    Fast forward two weeks and I get the swatches... and it's the wrong fabric! I said that I didn't want taffeta, well, that's the swatch I got. After writing an email voicing my frustration "Ashley" or whomever it was apologized and said they'd send new ones and the store manager said they'd address it (at this point I was just over the idea of getting the BM dresses from them).

    Anyways, maybe your friend's credit was being applied by a less-than-competent employee who double-charged instead of refunding... has she tried sorting it out with the store?

    I like the J Crew wedding gear but they just don't seem equipped to handle that kind of work.

  2. I'm sorry that that happened to you, but another word to the wise for anyone considering J. Crew.