Sunday, December 13, 2009

Um, so that was easy.

Apparently I have bridesmaids dresses.  Or as my sister insists on calling them: Co-Maids of Honor.  (There are two of them.  My little sister, 6 years younger and my best friend.  We were born in the same hospital room 16 hours apart.  Our moms were Lamaze buddies.  We were pretty much friends in the womb.  There is clearly no way I'm picking one over the other to "honor."  I only picked the two of them because I love them the most and that is the honor.  But clearly, that doesn't fly when you're 17.)

Anyhow, I had been eying the Butter by Nadia dresses as bridesmaids dresses (and, you know, one for me too) for a while now.  I had shown my sister at some point.  This afternoon she calls me and tells me they're having a sample sale.  She took my mom.  They went, they tried on, they bought.  A lot.  I'll have more pictures for you when I see them after graduation, but they got the signature wrap in satin in antique gold.

And they got me one too!  They picked out one for me too.  Mine is also the shorter length, signature wrap, but in the matte jersey, which will do me better for rewearing anyhow.  The color is called "drugstore stripe" and it's black and white.  I'm pretty excited.  I kinda want to wear this all the time.  Graduation, engagement photos, the rehearsal dinner, the corner store...

Can you believe those are the same dresses?  They wrap about a million ways.
It would have been nice to have been there, but I sorta picked them even though I wasn't there, and it's nice to have something else to cross off the (mental, as of yet) list.   I just hope they're that nice when I get to see them in person...

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  1. I have been eyeing that dress and I'm so happy that someone I know is going with it. The pictures are going to rock!