Sunday, December 13, 2009

OMG Shoes!

I've been on a shoe kick lately.  This means that rather than doing anything productive with my life or even going to actual shoes stores I have been trolling the internet for pretty wedding shoes without, you know, having a dress, or anything but a date and a venue, but I digress.

It all started with an unhealthy obsession with these shoes.  I mean, look down to Thursday's post, they're on my inspiration board.  I seriously love them.  There are two major detractors from these beauties.  1)  They're $375.  Even on Zappos.  2) They're 3 1/2 inch heels.  Kate Spade, you will be the death of my feet and my wallet.  Still, look at the pretties!

Then I said, "Ok, other companies have to make sparkly/glittery/sequiny/metallic shoes I can wear."  And they do.  Problem is, despite being less than the Kate Spade, they are both really too high for me to reasonably manage.  And in case you were wondering, trolling through the rest of the Kate Spade site doesn't help much.  These aren't sparkly in the least, but I love them dearly nevertheless and would just die to see them as bridal shoes.

I mean come one!  And these were adorable too (and not $400... $95, but still).

So I ended up going back to the expensive-but-not-quite-manolos-expensive brand I've been coveting for ages because of their Nike Air technology in most of their shoes, Cole Haan.  That's right.  Sneakers parading as high heels.  Well, I've tried them on, and it doesn't feel quite like my trusty Adidas, it's not the usual "oh my god I can't wait for my feet to go numb because these hurt so bad."  For a while these were the front runners, but they still cost a pretty penny ($298) and despite the metallic and the shiny, something about them just doesn't do it for me. 

They're not exciting enough to spend $300 on.  So I decided to check out the actual site, rather than just Zappos, and I think I found my shoes.  They're flats.  They're Airs.  They're metallic (gold, silver and bronze!).  They're on sale for less than $100.  Free ground shipping for the holidays.  And if you sign up as a registered store member and then order before December 23, you get free shipping on returns.  So really, all I would be out is tax if I don't want to keep them. 

 Only problem is, if I love them, I've spent $100 on shoes.  But really, who am I kidding, I'm going to spend that regardless.  I'll let the idea stew for a few days and see if I'm still in love in the morning.

And because it's impossible for me to mention shoes without it, I give, OMG Shoes!

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