Wednesday, December 2, 2009


For the next three weeks, I'm still a graduate student.  My program is Ed Psych, and one of the cool classes I'm taking this semester is called "Intelligence and Creativity."  It's really interesting and complicated how intertwined the two are, and how big the holes in the research are in some places.  But before I go off on an intellectual diatribe, I'll get to the point.  I'm running an activity in class in a few hours where I will try to defend the claim that intelligence is/can be used to form and guide creativity by having my classmates make inspiration boards.  As models, I'll be showing a few boards from Snippet and Ink and one or two of my own

I made this one just for that purpose.  Just because I'm curious, what would you pick out as themes?  How do you interpret it?

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  1. Love it!!!! Travel, travel, travel! Let's find ourselves in big, new places.