Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Newsinator

So I got my drama sorted out, and though I won't be done until tomorrow, I will actually be graduating.  In the meantime, I have the best, funniest, most awesome thing to share with you.

It's my holiday newsletter!  The folks over at Plaid have made this really cool newsletter-maker thingy.  (I know, very eloquent.)   You just head over the the Merry Newsinator, plug in some names and adjective and pick from a few options, and BAM!  Newslettered!  Once you get it in newsletter form you can go back an edit, move things around and change the things you picked.  You can also hit the "play" button that circles through options on the funny things your newsletter says, the images and the color scheme.  It's pretty much graphic design mad-libs magic.  I'm totally on board.  Go.  Make one.  Send them to everyone you know and feel totally smug that you have this pretty, witty thing to send them and all they sent you was yet another picture of their kid.