Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't be fooled, this is a shoe rant.

Shoes are a dilemma.  I love them, but sometimes I hate them.  Heels are so (so!) sexy, but let's face it, they're super painful and often really inconvenient.  Now, after years of practice, I can walk in heels (not fast, not well, but walk indeed).  But the thing is, at my wedding I want to dance!  (To clarify, the exclamation point was more tied to the "dance" part than the needing punctuation to end this sentence part.)  And yes, I can dance as well in heels.  But like walking, that has a very limited time span.  Then, your feet hurt, and you take off your shoes, and your feet get stomped on (if you're lucky by a kid, if you're not so lucky, by your friend wearing spike heels) and sticky from spilled drinks and then you're not even getting the benefit of your super sexy shoes.  Plus, there's the whole thing where heels are something that our male-dominated culture uses to (for lack of a less inflammatory word) oppress women.  Not that that's a throw-away by any means, it just frustrates me and if I get going it will turn into a rant.

Now, I'm 5'5".  Not so bad.  It helps that Mr. McGee is 6'.  Some people, have a bigger height difference to contend with (not to mention all the Mutt and Jeff jokes your Uncle Milton loves to make).  A lot of shorter women will choose to wear heels whereas taller women feel the need to wear flats so they don't tower over the new hubs.  But today I came across this post on Our Labor of Love

She is way shorter than him.

But she wore flats anyhow, presumably because they were cute and comfortable and they were what she wanted to wear.

Images above via Our Labor of Love.

At some point I'll get around to talking about the shoes I'm looking at for the wedding, but frankly, I doubt they'll be 5" Louboutin's (notice how I didn't even touch on the pros and cons of spending a thousand dollars on a pair of shoes) or flats (ironically, these make my feet hurt too).  I just hope I don't get frustrated and wear my running sneakers.


  1. Tell me about it. Shoes are one of my bigger worries.

  2. Seriously! I love all these awesome shoes, then I look at the description, and no amount of awesome can compensate for 4" heels.