Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Marital Cash Cow

Getting married is expensive.  Arguably more so than throwing an identical party, with all the same amenities, just without the word "wedding."  This is a huge part of why it took us so long to find a venue that would work for us.  The places that worked pricewise didn't work aesthetically, and the places that could host a wedding we'd love, charged out the yin yang, over a word.  (A venue we loved initially, whose most expensive menu item is $17, quoted us a minimum of $275 a head for food and open bar, without guaranteeing us the entire space.  Admittedly, it is New York, but my head nearly spun around Linda Blair style when I heard that number.  Needless to say, we went elsewhere.)

I wasn't planning to write this entry.  I had plan to write a totally gushy entry about how much I really like Jenny Yoo's new Bridal Alternative collection, and while not all of them are my style, one in particular really caught my eye.  But here's the caveat:  Jenny Yoo primarily makes bridesmaid dresses and all of the dresses in their bridal alternative line are simply white versions of bridesmaid dresses.  Fine.  Peachy.  So I took a look at the dress I was eying (Felicity) in the bridesmaid line and it was Linda Blair all over again.

 This one is $375.                   This one is $800.

Really?  Come on.  You're not even trying to hide it.  At least with venues or photographers, they have to deal with "bridezillas" (a term I abhor, and will rant about another day, I'm sure), but no.  You have to let people try dresses on, but you have to do that with bridesmaids anyhow, and there is certainly no way that white chiffon just happens to cost $425 more than maroon.  So congrats, Jenny, I was really looking forward to trying on your gowns, but now I'm just pissed.


  1. I totally agree, it's absurd. You could just start lying to your vendors when you ask for price quotes, tell them it's for a party.

  2. I try not to screw over just anyone, but when they start it... I wonder what they'd say if I said I was having a bridal party dressed in white, if the dress would still be so much more...