Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pink Tigers Den

It's funny, that for all the traditions I'd like to forgo, I'm so keen on wearing a veil.  I guess I feel like even if I stray from the mainstream in places, a big hunk of tulle on my head clearly says to everyone (and me) "BRIDE."  So I'm planning to go that route for the ceremony.  But I think that (for the most part) veils look silly and out of place in the reception.  And let's be honest, it would seriously impede my ability to dance like a fool, so that's out.  And that's where the idea of a fascinator comes in handy.  I'm not sure if I'll wear one the whole time (with the veil and without) or swap the veil for it once the deed is done.  But, I'd been lukewarm on the ones I'd seen, until I found Pink Tiger's Den.  They rule hardcore.

Row 1: Jessica, Tamara.
Row 2: Molly, Jane.
Row 3: Louise, Joanna.
Row 4: Hayley, Rachael.

Her etsy shop is here and her website is here.  Everything is custom made in whatever colors you want.  I am in lust.  I may be making a purchase from the UK in the near future...


  1. Those are AWESOME!! Might I suggest that you wait until you have your dress to buy one? You'd hate for it not to work with your dress.

  2. yes they are stunning and she is too :)

  3. Adriana, I am definitely waiting. I don't even know colors for the wedding yet, so actually buying one right now would surely be jumping the gun, but it's on the to-buy-as-soon-as-other-things-as-decided list.