Wednesday, October 21, 2009

J Crew Weddings

Wedding dresses are overwhelmingly and incredibly overpriced and ungapatchkied (a transliteration of a yiddish expression meaning tacky and overdone).  J Crew has a line of wedding gowns that are definitely simplistic and often quite affordable (at least as these things go).  My favorite from the fall line has mysteriously disappeared from the website, but nevermind, they've recently put a few new dresses out in a really great price points.  These are my favorites below.

From left, Row 1: Whitney ($395), Gala ($600), Nanami (not at all a steal like the others, $2,995), Goddess, ($450).
Row 2: Mimi ($595), Genevieve (another big price tag in the group, $1950, sold out online, possible stock in stores), Tatum (again, not a cheapie, $1100), Silk Chiffon Sophia ($395).

I've had my eye on the Goddess dress for a while now.  So swingy and pretty.  I just have this nagging feeling that it wouldn't look so great on my body.  (Here comes the annoying part: it's mail order so there's not really a place to try things on.  Well, select dresses are available for trying on in select stores, but not all of them, and not at all locations.)  My favorite is the Mimi tshirt gown.  So comfy, very me, yet drapey and elegant and would be hella fun to dance the night away in.  I would be ordering it right now instead of blogging if it came in true white or ivory, rather than such a golden shade.  Plus, it's got a cute little triangular keyhole in the back.

The one I'm really considering is the Sophia gown.  They had had it in another fabric and just started making the chiffon version (it's the long version of their most popular bridesmaid dress that I also liked).  It's way in the budget, swingy and romantic.  We'll see, depending on how fed up I get with dress shopping and wedding planning, I might just bite the bullet and go for it.

And because I hate when people post fashion commentary and only put the cute stuff and ooh and aah over it, here's the rest: there are a few that I really don't like.  Let's just say, if it's not figure flattering on a stick thin model, it won't do well for almost anyone.  Plus, why photograph white dresses on white backgrounds?  Hello, it's hard to see here, people!  That, and giant ruffles all over is overkill.  Oh, and there is no way on this green earth that I am buying a $3000 dress (for my wedding!) over the internet, without even seeing it in person, let alone touch it or trying it on.  Just saying.


  1. Those are nice dresses! When I got married 3.5 years ago J.Crew didn't have that many wedding dress choices, but I did get the bridesmaids dresses from there. I'm really glad I did! They looked great.

  2. I decided that I was posting enough on WTS so I'm going to share my thoughts here. I bought my dress just under 2 years before my wedding. Since then I've seen many beautiful dresses but none have made me regret my purchase. In the hunt for my dress I tried on over 40 of them over 3 months so I had a really clear idea of what I wanted. When I found it, I just knew.

    I don't think it's dangerous to buy your dress early as long as you've done your research and you are sure that you will continue to love that dress. I suggest you get yourself to a dress store ASAP even if it's just to discover what you don't want :)