Friday, October 2, 2009

Inspiration Board: Brought to You By the Letter A

I've decided to embark on a regular feature. I stumbled across this very cool site, Daily Drop Cap. It's written by a typographer who is creating an alphabet of upper case letters, each with their own style. They are each so cool and unique, I thought I'd do a set of inspiration boards, one for each new letter. And we'll start at A, because the beginning is a good place to start (or so says Julie). I'll work through G (what's been posted so far) over the next few days and I'll put new ones up as they show up on the site.

This one is inspired by the rustic, autumny orange and the vines of A. With a bit of blue thrown in because hey, with a mother for an artist, I know my complementary colors!

This Board Brought to You By the Letter A

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