Sunday, October 4, 2009

Inspiration Board: Brought to You By the Letter C

Yesterday, after seeing an amazing performance of Cirque du Soleil's Alegria*, I forgot where I'd parked my car, called my parents and told them. Well they didn't pick up the phone when I called to say I'd found it (after 20 minutes of parking lot searching) and then forgot my phone in the car. They called the police who showed up at my door 2 hours later. Saying that having the police tell you to call your parents is embarrassing is a gross understatement. Nevertheless, I am fine.

But after my little run-in with the law (well, campus police), I made another letter board, which the site I use to build them, did not save. There are not enough words to say how annoying this was. So I rebuilt it this morning, but I wasn't happy! Let's just say, when "E" rolls around, it won't be my favorite board.

So anyhow, here's "C." It's brown and orange and totally 70's with a little bohemian. More of a weekend theme than a wedding for me, but hey, different strokes, right?

This Board Brought to You By the Letter C

Credits: Jose Villa, Silvana Di Franco

*I realized I breezed over Alegria. To say it was amazing is selling it short. It opens up with the most incredible swinging trapeze act, I mean, I want to be this woman when I grow up and get over my fear of the good swinging trap tricks. Then, the tumble track. Holy crap. Someone threw a triple backflip. I spent the whole act going "Oh man, oh my god." And the clowning was actually funny! That's the one part of Cirque shows that usually leave me cold, but these guys were just great! They're on tour right now with the show so if you have the chance to see it, GO!

I forgot I never said this here, but it makes my circus obsession make more sense. I learned circus arts as a teenager and practiced for a few years. Last summer I taught full time as a camp counselor. Flying trapeze is my favorite and if I ever do get the chance, I really will run away and join the circus.

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