Monday, October 26, 2009

Inspiration Board: Brought to You By the Letter I

Today’s board is definitely grown up, but (I hope!) remains unpretentious.  I wanted to take the classier elements of a traditional formal wedding (the black and white color scheme, for one) with a little whimsy, a lot of style and without the fussiness.  The best thing is how easy this color scheme is to pull off- no color matching- just, “Is it white?  Is it black?  OK, good.”

Credits: Martha Stewart, StudioThisIs, Merci Paris, ABCDragoo, Daily Drop Cap, Jesse Leake.

I’m really loving paper details right now like the doily pinata and that great thank you card from ABCDragoo.  I am totally digging on glass and crystal too.  The chandelier and the tall sticks with the roses (I may very well use this at my reception, in fact, the image is titled “LOVE this centerpiece” on my computer.)  Couldn’t you see this with pussy willows and your favorite flower? 

And that wood table with the clear glass candlesticks!  Seriously, yum.  In my unlimited budget land, I’d have lots of old, mismatched wooden tables with ghost chairs, different varieties of white flowers and lots of different sized white candles; different sized pillars, votives in antique jars and tapers in transparent, modern glass candlesticks.

Just a little technical note, to view the boards much larger (and in better detail) just click the image of the board and it will open in the window you're viewing the blog in.

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  1. Very elegant. I like how simple it is. But I love colour too much to ever be able to pull something like this off :)