Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Inspiration Board: Brought to You By the Letter E

I love today's board.  It's sorta how I feel about weddings (well, maybe a little sweeter).  It's romantic and soft, but not saccharine and cliche.  It's real, everyday love, and it makes me feel good because it reminds me that what I feel (complete and totally overwhelming love for one other person) is beautiful in its own right.  It's big smiles and small gestures.  It's rich and it's simple.  It's one really great day, that's just a prelude to the wonderful life to come.

This Board Brought to You By the Letter E
Just a little reminder that the main characters for my letter inspiration boards come from the Daily Drop Cap blog.

That feathered clip makes me swoon.  All these blogs keep coming up with beautiful hair clips that I want to wear but can't figure out how to with the veil I know I want to have.  Who knows, this looks easy enough to DIY, maybe I'll try and report back.  Speaking of DIY, I think I may try making those mobiles and paper flowers myself.  It depends on how ambitious I'm feeling.  That and if we decide to use candles! 

Now, not to rain on the love parade, but right now I am walking into an exam in my Program Evaluation course so think good thoughts for me!

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