Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This week's Postsecret made me happy. Mainly because I find such "saving xyz because my god and my interpretation of him/her/it is the only right one and everyone should live like I say" propaganda to be sickening. Today on my campus there were giant anti-abortion posters set up directly in front of the main entrance to the library at the center of campus. There were signs as you walked up that said "Images of genocide ahead. Some viewers may be deeply disturbed." I was completely insulted. I thought it might be about Darfur or something. But no, it was giant (as in 8x10 foot) posters of aborted fetuses. I objected to 2 things most predominantly. First, abortion is not genocide. Genocide implies the mass death of actual people at the hands of a dictator. Almost no abortions are as late-term as these photos depict with fetuses that begin to look human. But still, no matter how human, still not people yet. I find that insulting to people who are actually dying a cruel death. People who deserve your aid. Secondly, there was no way to avoid the images. The signs advised alternate paths, but they chose a central location for visibility, not convenience of others. It's hard to avoid the most commonly traversed area on campus.

What can I say? Abortion is something I feel incredibly strongly that I and all other women have a right to. Marriage equality falls under the same category. I hope the person who sent that secret sends his/her parent's money to a gay rights advocacy group.

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