Friday, September 18, 2009

Inspiration Board: New York

I've been playing with inspiration boards lately. My mom's computer has Pages so when I'm there I use that, but when I don't have access I use the inspiration board at Style Me Pretty. It puts that annoying thing at the bottom that creates their board builder but I only think that's annoying because it goes over the bottom of your photos rather than below the board. It's nice that it automatically links to the credits (if you fill them in when you upload your own photos). So I figured rather than just have my board sit around, I'd put them up here.

This one was the first one I made on SMP. It's New York themed and right then I was really dead set on either a Manhattan rooftop or DUMBO restaurant, like Bubby's. Here goes.

New York

Credits: Twin Lens (2), Twin Lens: Renae & Alex, Oh How Charming! (2), Elizabeth Messina, Oh How Charming & Kiss the Groom, Soiree Floral (3), Soiree Floral, Atrendy Wedding (2), Atrendy Wedding - Love Life Images, James Abel Events (6), James Abel, James Abel, James Abel, Boyfriend/Girlfriend (2), Boyfriend/Girlfriend-Andrea and Jesse

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