Thursday, July 22, 2010

on the docket

So with 45 days to go, things are coming fast and furious.  Some of the bigger things have gotten left later than they should have (thank you blog overload and massive indecision!) but it means they all start happening pretty rapid fire.  On the agenda for today is ordering our ketubah, booking our honeymoon and ordering my veil!  That means I'll actually have a complete outfit, the ability to have a ceremony and a week of total bliss full of booze, beach, flying trapeze (we're going to club med - so excited!) and my new husband (husband!).  This thing is really happening!


  1. Yay! I still have to figure out my ketubah - I was going to DIY, then I'm like "shit I'm outta time" and wanted to buy one from Jennifer Raichman, then I logged into Etsy to find that she's booked up until 1 day before after our wedding (yikes!) so now we're back to DIY.

  2. I'm getting mine from (I won it in a facebook contest) and they have DIY options (which I'm doing). You can either just have a text only canvas or you can do a digital one, which seems to me like they give you a photoshop editable file so you can add your own art. I'm not sure if you print that one or they do. But they have lots of really pretty ones.

    This is the one I'm getting:

    My mom is painting it for me. If I needed one with the art already done I'd go for this super cool paper cut one:

    I've also seen some really cool ones on etsy as well.