Friday, July 23, 2010


With as many wedding blogs as I read, it's sometimes hard not to think "what if I'd done it this way instead?"  Especially with dresses.  There's just so much goddamn-badass-prettiness out there that it's hard not to covet more than just the dress I've got.  But the fact is, some of it is just pure fashion lust, and really, we can combat that pretty easily by sharing the love.  So here you are, my current wedding dress obsessions.

First up is Sydney-based Australian designer Rachel Gilbert.  If I had about 70 billion more rock 'n roll points, I'd've gotten married in one of these:

Next up is an etsy vendor, Peppermint Pretty.  Her style is a little more rockabilly than my taste, but her Pictures of Lily dress just slays me.

Lastly is Romanian (if my google-fu serves me right) designer Maria Lucia Hohan.  Her style reminds me of an Amsale and Romona Keveza having a baby that likes to go to Heart concerts.

There.  I feel better already.

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