Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the city so nice they named it twice

When I was home visiting my folks, I happened to remember that I had been planning to visit M & J Trimming (6th Ave btn. 37th and 38th).  I remembered when I was standing at 5th Ave and 10th street... and decided to walk.  Not such a bad thing, but perhaps Birkenstocks weren't the best choice in footwear.  Anyhow, I punctuated my walk with a few stops, on of which was Anthropologie.  Now, while some of their stuff is overpriced to my mind, walking into their store is always a spectacle of loveliness, so well designed.  Needless to say I walked out with a couple of goodies.

A little sparkle never goes amiss.

Not sure where I plan to use them, but I got an A and an S to use for the wedding.  Plus, really, I can never have enough mugs.

And my piece de resistance: my guest book.  When I told the cashier that's what I was buying it for, I got a brief, but clearly incredulous stare.  I don't really care (she did recover well) though, I think it'll be really cool.  It's a kids book all about New York from 1960.  It just tied into my gently New York themed wedding, and it has lots of empty space on the pages for signing.  Here's hoping it'll be a hit!

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