Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm not sure why, but a random copy of Elle Magazine showed up for my mom in the mail today.  She has no subscription or anything so it was weird.  But nevertheless, it made for some good entertainment for a bit.  There were a couple of real gems in there.

Ever heard of Kelsi Dagger shoes?  I hadn't either, but they have a bunch of really great styles, some under $100 which earns an A+ in my book.  I'm pretty enamored of these "Malibu" sandals.

But my real real real favorite is jewelry (and handbag) designer CCSkyeLike a mentioned a few days ago, I'm planning to go with no necklace and a big ol' statement bracelet for the wedding.  And the new dress I have a crush on (more on an impromptu dress shopping expedition yesterday later) is very art deco-y and with a metallic color scheme, this stuff is just right.

This one is probably the best match for the dress.

Though this...

and this are both deliciously art deco.

And this one, though not necessarily going with the dress, is my absolute favorite.  Love love love.

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