Wednesday, March 30, 2011

workout wednesday

Don't hate me, I was kind of a slacker this week. Last week was all about kicking ass every day, but this week was giving it all during practice, but taking a hard earned rest on off days. I've been pretty tired this week Eh, no excuses. Not as much time as last week. I'll live and the rest will do me good before my bout on Friday and the grandparents-in-law rolling in to town on Saturday.

Workout Wednesday for the Week of 3/23-3/30:

Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Practice
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 2 hour All League Scrimmage. Played Maxines vs. RW again and it was hard again. We had a bit of a better plan and got to switch it up and exchange the jammers.
Monday: 2 hour Practice/RW scrimmage.
Tuesday: 2 hour Practice/RW scrimmage. I won't lie, this practice was frustrating, but I knew I worked really hard and if not to the very best of my ability strategy-wise, certainly to my physical limit.

Total time: 8 hours on skates

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