Thursday, March 31, 2011

ruling the air waves

I have so very cool news to share. I'm pretty excited and you should be too! Tomorrow I'm going to be live on the radio with two of my fellow skaters (Dropkick Muffy and Kobra Kai) pimping A FULL WEEKEND OF DERBY right here in Lincoln, Nebraska. That's right, me, on the radio! I'm exceedingly jazzed. It'll be on at 8am on the Blaze 104.1 FM (if you're not Lincoln local you can stream it right here to your computer or smart phone) and 106.3 FM KFRX at 8:30 (again available streaming to phones and comps alike right here).
Our very own Kobra Kai sneaking by an Omaha blocker at our last bout.
You'll get to hear about the upcoming bouts (2 on Friday! 2 on Saturday!), what it's like to be a derby girl and even win some tickets so be sure to tune in! If you are in the Lincoln area you should definitely come check us out. I'll be playing in the first bout Friday night for the Roadies (white). First whistle is at 7:03 but if you want good seats be there by 6:30. You can buy your tickets right here from Ticketmaster or at the Pershing Center Box Office. If you're there, swing by and say hi! My derby name is Kilda Messenger and I'd love to meet you! When I'm not playing I'll be down on the floor shooting photos of the Maxines bout.

Edited to add: Bouts are very family friendly with kids activities at half time and kids under 12 are FREE.

Photo by me, Shayna Kalish. Please don't take it without permission and crediting me! (If you ask, it's almost guaranteed I'll say yes!)

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