Friday, April 23, 2010

So, um, yeah.

Apparently Lincoln is home to Arbor Day, not Earth day.  (Thanks for that, Honey.)  Clearly you can see how interested I am.

Anyhow, the boy and I are off the visit Nana and Pops in Minnesota this weekend.  Should be fun.  And I get to get my engagement ring resized, finally.  Though I do fully admit to being a baby and not wanting to give it up.

I have all sorts of photos of fun things that you'll get to see either when I find my camera cord (uh huh) or my new (yay yay yay!), hopefully correctly functioning this time, Canon 20D arrives for me to redo the pictures.  Though I suppose that's also dependent on the giant rain cloud currently occupying the sky over the entire Midwest gets the hell out of here.

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