Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snap it up!

Or how I spend too much on photo gear and it's never enough.

So, as I posted about the other day, my new (to me) Canon 20D arrived the other day.  The nice UPS man brought me my memory card yesterday, so I think I may take it down to the Haymarket during the golden hour later to take it for a spin in the old train yard.

Now, I have a lovely camera bag that is currently the home for my '70's Nikon FG 35mm film SLR.  It's not a beautiful handbag, but it will likely become the new home for my 20D (once it airs out and stops smelling like smoke).  The thing is, there's a bag I really, really want for it.  The currently only in pre-order Kelly Moore Hobo Bag.  It's a camera bag in disguise.  It looks like a purse.  It wears like a purse.  It comes in a really pretty fake leather (that I'll forgive because it's outstanding awesomeness outweighs this shortcoming) and beautiful, saturated colors (grey, teal, mustard and cranberry).  Inside it's padded and has velcro-attached dividers so you can go from bottomless pit purse to snug compartments for delicate camera... stuff.  Needless to say I want one.  It's not cheap, but the price is reasonable enough that I may just suck it up.  Regardless, she's giving one away on her blog. Check out the love affair blog to enter to win a Kelly Moore Bag.  And I do have a birthday coming up... just saying.

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