Friday, April 24, 2009


So one of the things I find I'm challenged by in knitting and crochet is how frequently you are limited to garments or blankets.  Yes, you can knit or crochet (yes, that's crocheted even though it says it's knit) almost anything, but really, the functionality or the beauty (in my opinion, at least) is compromised by the decision to make it that way (versus another material, like fabric or natural materials).  So I love when I find things like these.  I think once I get my machine tuned up again and the bag-in-progress I have half-sewn finished, I'll try the doily pillow, and really those lamps are great design inspiration.  Hopefully I'll have a submission from that for the holiday issues of the needlework magazines.  (I figure if I write it down that might make me more accountable to my goals.)  Anyhow, check it out.

(Both images via old entries at Apartment Therapy.)

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