Friday, October 29, 2010

the return

Dear Gentle Readers*,

I have been a delinquent blogger. I got way-layed writing about the bachelorette and just lost my steam. Well kids, I am back by popular demand. I will be back soon with tales of broken bones, a new puppy and of course, the long awaited wedding recap. Once that's all sussed (and I'm not too worried, that's gonna take a while), we can get on to the business of figuring out what to write about now that it's not wedding central up in these parts anymore.

Much Love,


*If you get this reference, I will love you forever. I will potentially also mail you chocolate products of some sort because you will have earned it.


  1. Buffy references are always wonderful!!

    (I've barely been blogging lately, too. Oops.)

  2. OK, email me your address (or you can PM me on Rav if you want), I'm sending you choccies!

  3. Yayyy <3 Knits McGee makin' a comeback! Let's break out the champagne!