Monday, June 7, 2010

Put a ring on it!

So, after the nice intense little post that was Saturday, it's back to the fun stuff.  We have big news here tonight at Chez McGee... our rings arrived!!

They're quite lovely.  Ari's is a rounded comfort fit band with a brushed finish in the center framed by two polished bands.  I got a special inscription in it that I'm quite pleased about.

My band is made up of a chain of little white gold dots with diamonds set in the center of 7 of the dots.  It's a bit funky, and I totally love it.  (I may or may not have been unable to sit here looking at the box, writing a post extolling its virtues and not put it on again.  But you never know, maybe I have willpower.  Shush you, I see that smirk!)  I decided before I bought it that I'm wearing my band on my right hand (both my pretties need to have their own space to show off).  Mainly I did this because I don't like the feel of two rings on one hand.  Plus, fun fact, did you know that wearing wedding rings on the left hand (and the story about how it's closer to your heart or whatever - as if the physical muscle that pumps your blood has anything to do with your marriage*, but I digress) is pretty much a modern American custom?  In most countries around the world including Europe and Africa, wedding bands are worn on the right hand.  So really I'm just being continental.  Or something.

And because I couldn't resist one more of them looking all cosy together in their little box, here's one for the road.

We bought them from a lovely couple, Gayle and Herman at 1,873 Unusual Wedding Rings in the diamond district.  They were great to work with, fair, understanding and friendly.  I highly recommend working with them.  

*Once, when shopping for my wedding gown, I popped into look at Cartier, and the saleswoman literally told me that I have to wear my wedders on my left hand because that is the finger that blesses your marriage and it's closer to your heart and you ruin your vows if you don't wear it there!  She said if I really didn't want to wear two rings on one finger, I could move my engagement ring to my other hand.  Let's just say it was hard to conceal my "you are fucking crazy" face.


  1. A gorgeous Wedding Rings that you have selected for your should be looked charming after wearing it...

  2. I loveee your rings! They're gorgeous! Ray and my rings are coming in this Friday. I'm wearing mine on my right hand too! We are so awesome lol.

  3. Thanks Keri! I'm happy I'm not the only one. We are awesome! We should start a club...

    Do you have a blog too? I clicked on you but your profile isn't public...