Friday, May 1, 2009

The Murtaugh List

So just a few weeks after the How I Met Your Mother episode "Murtaugh," I'm violating a list item: pull an all nighter. Basically, the gist is that in all the Lethal Weapon movies, Murtaugh says "I'm too old for this shit." So Ted makes a list of things that he's too old to do. Admittedly the characters on HIMYM are supposed to be about 30 rather than (less than 2 weeks away from) 23, but still. I am too old to do this.

But alas, my first year project is due in 8 measly hours, and in that time I not only have to finish my paper (about 10 more pages, ugh), but also make a power point presentation for it. I did do this to myself, I know. I've been taking home the crown for Miss Procrastination for years now. The drawer I keep them in is getting kinda full...

Anyhow, I really wanted to keep this blog whine-free, but honestly, I haven't told anyone it exists yet, so really, I'm just complaining to myself, and I already know this sucks so it's not that bad. And I wanted something else to procrastinate with.

I think I'll finish the paper. Shower and eat breakfast. Go to school. Write my powerpoint. Then nap on the couch in the bathroom until my presentation at 1. (TMI, probably, but hey, it's true.) That is, assuming I finish everything in time to actually sleep at any point. It will be easier once the sun comes up and I get dressed. I hope. All I know is I'm coming back and going right to sleep when I get home. I still have one more paper to finish out the semester and I work every day from Saturday to Wednesday. Next Friday can't come soon enough...

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